The cornerstone of the Future Cities Collaborative is the Future Cities Program, which focuses on supporting both regional and metropolitan city leaders in New South Wales, by providing them with the knowledge, skills and resources to build sustainable and liveable communities.

The Future Cities Program realises that informed and visionary leadership is needed to decide how, when, and where new approaches and technologies can be used to make a real difference in improving not only the livability but also the sustainability and productivity of cities. Strategic planning and sustainable urban development are being brought to the fore the world over and the Future Cities Program supports city leaders by using evidence-based solution modelling, first-hand examples, education, and collaborative approaches to shared problems in order to make meaningful differences to Australian cities.

The program is based on the Mayors’ Institute on City Design conducted in the United States, where like-minded leaders work with experts to develop innovative solutions for re-designing precincts so they are great places to live and work, and are also adaptive to the changes in energy and water demands — from renewing town centres or high streets, to re-designing community precincts and parks, or alternative transport possibilities. In the United States, the Mayors’ Institute has helped transform communities through design by preparing mayors to be the chief urban designers of their cities, and it is towards this aim of capacity-building that the Future Cities Program works in NSW.

The links below offer information about all past Future Cities Programs conducted by the Future Cities Collaborative: