Each year, the Future Cities Collaborative runs a range of Programs for the benefit of both our member cities, and Cities and Towns across NSW and Australia.

Future Cities Program

BFCPThe Future Cities Program realises that informed and visionary leadership is needed to decide how, when, and where new approaches and technologies can be used to make a real difference in improving not only the livability but also the sustainability and productivity of our cities. Strategic planning and sustainable urban development are being brought to the fore the world over and the Future Cities Program supports our leaders by using evidence-based solution modelling, first-hand examples and education, and collaborative approaches to shared problems to make meaningful differences to Australian cities.

Bespoke Future Cities Program

BFCPThe Future Cities Program is typically conducted annually and all councils within New South Wales are invited to apply to participate in the program. In the event that a Future Cities Program is not being conducted in a given year, or a council wishes to participate in a reduced and condensed Future Cities Program, the Future Cities Collaborative may consider conducting a bespoke program for interested councils. Please Contact Us to discuss further.

Regional Future Cities

The Future Cities Collaborative realises that Regional Towns and Cities in New South Wales deserve access to world-leading urban design and planning experts. Regional Centres are crucial to the success and growth of New South Wales, and face the same issues in achieving sustainable urban development whilst also remaining productive employment centres, providing affordable and desirable housing options, and creating high-amenity public domain in which people want to live, work and play. Moving forward in 2016, the Future Cities Collaborative will explore methods through which a Regional Future Cities Program can be launched.

City Exchanges

Each year the Future Cities Collaborative commits to leading City Exchanges for our members and partners. These excursions are aimed at exposing Australian City Leaders to best-practice sustainable urban development and planning, and inspire them to use their new knowledge, skills and resources to create the best future-ready cities in Australia. In the past, the City Exchanges have travelled to the United States and Singapore. The Future Cities Collaborative have begun to investigate alternative destinations for the City Exchanges, including domestically within Australia and Asia.


MasterclassThe Future Cities Collaborative is committed to helping all city and civic leaders create liveable, sustainable, and productive communities in which people can live, work, and play. We realise that sometimes city leaders require in-depth technical assistance on one or two issues in particular, so they can create the very best communities for their residents. With this in mind, the Future Cities Collaborative has begun to offer a series of Masterclasses to interested cities. These Masterclasses, run by domestic and international experts, will provide in-depth technical expertise on particular issues, and give cities the tools so they can better understand and better address the specific issues they face.