The Future Cities Collaborative can offer a range of services to member cities including:

  • Individual workshops, seminars, forums, and masterclasses tailored to each cities needs with visiting international and domestic experts
  • Expert analysis, advice, guidence and consulting on major projects
  • Collaborative workshops, seminars, forums, and masterclasses open to all member cities
  • City Exchanges to the United States for elected leaders and senior council staff
  • Input and access to our applied research projects
  • Access to leading international and Australian urban development experts

There is the potential for our services to be tailored based on the needs of our member cities and consultation with Professor Blakely and the Future Cities Collaborative team.

 Membership Types

To expand the mission of the Future Cities Collaborative to all like-minded civic leaders, several membership types are available for consideration. Each varies from 1 to 3 year terms. The Collaborative is for city leaders, with a particular focus on elected officials, General Managers and senior staff and business leaders within the city community.

Full Membership – Full membership is available to Local Government Councils who undertake the Future Cities Program. As alumni of the program the member council has full access to the range of services provided by the Collaborative, together with on-going strategic advice in the development of the specific precincts that the Council has brought to the program.

The Future Cities Program is typically conducted annually and all councils within New South Wales are invited to apply to participate in the program. In the event that a Future Cities program is not being conducted in a given year, the Future Cities Collaborative may consider conducting a bespoke program for an applying council. Please Contact Us to discuss further.

Associate Member – An associate membership is available to a Council who is not an alumni of the Future Cities program, however would like to enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Collaborative and having access to the range of services provided. The annual membership is lower than the full membership, with the option of paying for access to additional strategic advice, international experts, seminars and workshops as required.

Individual Member – Individuals within a council or related entity or industry may join as members of the Future Cities Collaborative for an annual fee giving them access to our Collaborative events and City Exchanges.

Individual Memberships costs are:

  • $231 (including GST)

Student Membership costs:

  • $132 (including GST)


Please Contact Us to discuss the membership that suits your needs.

How to Join

Please Contact Us for more information on membership services, structure and costs.

For individuals wishing to join, please CLICK HERE.